Equestrian Base “Bajram”

«Altai is the birthplace of all mankind, it is the cradle of the world, it is the bell of the earth and therefore its name is so harmonious as a powerful bell ringing: “Altai!”»
Writer-researcher G.D. Grebenshchikov

Конно-спортивная база

Equestrian Center “Bayram” was founded in 2010. We are located in a picturesque mountainous place, where the Katun River flows surrounded by high mountains. Near the Center there is the mountain clean spring. The attraction of our place is a small waterfall. The place where our camp site is popularly called the “Zarechnyi Talguyok”.

Byram Center is engaged in cultivation of horses that are involved for horse travel on challenging mountainous terrain. In total, we have about 25 trained horses. On all routes, tourist guides accompany experienced riders-Altai.

Accommodation of tourists traveling on the route, is performed in a tent camp on the river bank. An Altai bathhouse with picturesque access to the sandy beach of the coast of Katun was built for tourists on the river bank.

The route options that we offer to our tourists, you can find in section Horse tours in Altai.

You can find out how to get to our horse-racing base, we can find in section  How to reach us

Equestrian base “Bayram”